LC/SB Brake Fluid Re-Circulator

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LC/SB Brake Fluid Re-Circulator

The LRP Liquid Cooled/Self Bleeding (LC/SB) Brake System cools the caliper by circulating a large volume of brake fluid through the calipers. Caliper heat is dissipated through cooling lines installed between the calipers and the master cylinder. Air is purged from the system as the fluid is circulated. The vehicle maintains a firm brake pedal and cool calipers. Brake rotor temperature and pad wear is further reduced because the driver no longer has to pump the brakes to compensate for a soft pedal caused by air in the system.


  • Self Bleeding
  • Reduced o-ring failure
  • Dissipates caliper heat
  • Purges air from the brake syste
  • Reduces brake rotor temperature
  • Reduces brake pad wear
  • Maintains a firm brake pedal
  • Works with all existing calipers


(No reviews yet) Write a Review