Lock Resistant Brake System (LBS)

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Lock Resistant Brake System (LBS)

The LBS was originally developed for the professional race teams in NASCAR to prevent a loose or over steer condition under heavy loads. It assures the front tires slip first by dampening the pressure to the rear brakes. With LBS the rear tires will accept nearly twice as much braking force without locking up.

The LBS installs easily in the rear brake line and utilizes a unique dampening valve that acts as a shock absorber to sense and dampen the sharp spike in-line pressure when the brakes are applied suddenly.

The LBS improves the brake performance on any race car or truck. The LRP LBS doesn't reduce rear brake pressure, it dampens and delays it. It prevents rear brake lock-up without degrading rear brake performance and overloading the front brakes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review