LRP Sure Stop II

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LRP Sure Stop II

The ultimate road course re-circulator

When the brake pedal is depressed with a dual master cylinder, the front rod has to travel much farther than the rear, due to the front calipers having much larger pistons, and most cars use a smaller master cylinder for more front brake pressure. This creates a few problems for your brake syste.

Problem 1: The rear calipers achieve full pressure before the front calipers, which can cause rear wheel lockup.

Problem 2: The balance bar will try to bind because the front m/c rod is traveling farther. As the race continues the brake balance will change as the front brakes get hotter. The front m/c rod will continue to travel further.

With the development of the Sure Stop II self bleeding brake fluid re-circulator and master cylinder equalizer the rear master cylinder feeds the front until the pressure rises, then allows the front and rear master cylinders to balance throughout the entire reace, even as the front brake begin to fade. 


  • Eliminate excessive pedal travel
  • Eliminate brake fluid boiling
  • Reduce pedal fade and brake loss
  • Reduce rear wheel lock up
  • Increase caliper o-ring life



(No reviews yet) Write a Review