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Super Max Platinum Differential - 1/4 Tight

  •  The new redesign Supermax
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Product Description

Super Max Platinum Differential

The all new pre-load design will withstand the punishment of today's horse power and technolgical advances. Unsurpassed quality and performance will take you to the winners circle. At LRP we're committed to bringing you nothing but the best, and it shows with our new Platinum Track Differentials.

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DPI Racing Products Platinum Track Differential Overview (04:45)
THE NEW PLATINUM TRACK DIFFERENTIALwww.dpiracingproducts.com 707-283-4374 This all new pre-load design will withstand the punishments of today's horse power and technological advances. Unsurpassed quality and performance will take you to the winner's circle. The newly designed Platinum Track will leave the competition in the dust. Developed by racers, for racers - it is specifically engineered to hold-up under the most extreme conditions.WHAT IS THE PLATINUM TRACK AND WHAT DOES IT DO?The Platinum Track is a torque bias gear driven differential, developed specifically for racing.WHAT IS WRONG WITH A SPOOL OR LOCKER?In a turn, a spool drives the front of the car straight toward the wall (a push). A locker provides some differential action entering a turn, but as soon as power is applied, it locks up and is no better than a spool. With the rear wheels locked together, the only way to make the car turn is with stagger. Stagger is at best a compromise - just ask anyone who has lost a race when their stagger went away.WHAT IS THE PLATINUM TRACK'S ADVANTAGE OVER A LOCKER?The Platinum Track torque bias differential allows a car to turn easily into and roll freely through the turn- it never locks up when power is applied. This is due to the gears used, not springs or clutches, to direct the power to the wheel with the most traction.HOW DOES THE PLATINUM TRACK WORK?The axles are connected to the ring gear by special spiral gears that are made in such a way they sense which tire has the most resistance (traction) and smoothly delivers power to it. The gears operate on the same principle as a steering pinion: you can turn the steering shaft easily, but not the steering arm. The tire with traction instantaneously receives power in direct relation to the amount of traction. For instance, there is no notchiness or "hunting" when accelerating offer a corner: the power goes down smoothly.WHAT MAKES THE PLATINUM TRACK UNIQUE?The axle gears have a preload on them. What does this mean to the racer? You can drive in deep, and not have the loose entry feel of most open, or non-loaded differentials. The preload is factory set, however, it is fully adjustable by the racer, if more of less is desired. The Platinum Track with the correct amount of preload will let you roll through the center of the corner with greater speed and your exit speed will also be faster. All of this is possible with less stagger, no more dragging excessive stagger down the straight away scrubbing off speed and tires.
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    THE NEW PLATINUM TRACK DIFFERENTIALwww.dpiracingproducts.com ...

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